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The Liberia Care for Humanity Inc. (LICH) is a non-profitable, grass-root centered community based NGO engaged in addressing problems that affect the lives of the disadvantaged. The organization is opportune to have a cream of highly trained professionals with diverse backgrounds and enviable wealth of experience in working with local and international NGOs. 

Since 2010, LICH has been focusing on mobilizing and empowering communities to carry out activities in areas of renovation and construction of public facilities, enhancing food security, backing efforts in primary health care among rural dwellers, supporting income generating activities in agriculture, water and sanitation, environmental protection and advocacy.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of LICH is to intervene in the deplorable situation of local communities in Liberia to help improve the living condition of distressed, disadvantaged, deprived and vulnerable people and communities in times of need and disaster through local capacity building, participatory research, information dissemination and networking to enhance development for wholesome functioning communities.

Our Vision

The vision of LICH is to attain sustained human environmental development in local communities by working together with the people and community structures, in all socio-economic situations.