About Us

The Liberia Care for Humanity Inc. (LICH) is a grass-root centered community based NGO engaged in addressing problems that affect the lives of the disadvantaged. The organization is opportuned to have a cream of highly trained professionals with diverse backgrounds and enviable wealth of experience in working with local and international NGOs.

Our pool of workers is divided in three departments, namely: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Health and Sanitation and Education. In Addition, we intervene with Capacity and Infrastructural Building Programs that include Habitat Development, Skills Building and Peace Building and Interactive Community Development. This encompasses a range of vocations such as Building Construction and Furniture Production.

Each department is headed by a Program Officer with at least a university in his/her area of specialization. The general policy guidlines of LICH are formulated by a Board of Directors.
The rich background of LICH staff places her in a unique position to efficiently and successfully implement any would-be project.